Note: The Genesis cards are printed on 100% plastic card stock and will withstand a lifetime of use!

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Genesis - Creating the Impossible

Genesis is not a singular routine, rather the result of two minds exploring the full potential of one unique idea!

In its original form the magician/mentalist would introduce a set of plastic cards each containing various letters from the alphabet. After removing all of the cards which contained their chosen letter the magician/mentalist would immediately be able to reveal the thought of letter. All achieved without the requirement of any maths or memorisation.

However, when Martin Duffy introduced world-renowned creators Michael Murray and Stephen Eric Young to these cards, their minds instantly began racing and it is with the greatest of pleasure that we can offer the results of this endeavour.

This effect has been super-charged so that now you can reveal a spectators thought of word, a childs favourite Disney film or flavour of crisps (chips in USA!) - ALL without them saying anything or writing anything down!


The Genesis package comes complete with the following items

• 7 x Genesis (Alphabet Game) Cards

• 1 x Genesis PDF (21 Pages)

The Genesis PDF contains photo-illustrated instructions for the original handling along with the two following routines 

Wordsmith by Michael Murray

Wordsmith is a multi-phased routine that has been designed to fool even those who are familiar with the original methodology. Under the guise of a pseudo body language reading demonstration you will have your spectator mix a set of cards whilst your back is turned.

Your spectator is asked to fairly mix a set of alphabet game cards. Whilst your back is turned the spectator is instructed to think of any letter in the alphabet. They then divide the packet of cards into two piles, one containing their chosen letter and one that doesn’t. Sound familiar so far? Please read on…

The spectator is now asked to look at one of the piles and simply identify in their mind if they are able to see their chosen letter. BEFORE the magician/mentalist turns around the spectator is asked to thoroughly mix the two packets together again. Only then does the magician/mentalist turn to face the spectator. REMEMBER – you haven’t looked at any cards.

Without even touching the cards, the spectator is now asked if they were able to see their chosen letter (to which they can either lie or tell the truth). Using acute body language reading skills the magician/mentalist is instantly able to differentiate the truth from the lie and is able to identify the spectators exact thought process.

Taking things a step further the magician/mentalist asks the spectator to think of a random word,  They are then instructed to call out this word along with several other words in a random order yet somehow the magician/mentalist is able to identify the exact moment the spectator names the word that they were thinking of!

Triangulation by Stephen Eric Young

Triangulation is a lesson in and of itself on how to get the most out of a reveal. Rather than settling on the reveal of a single letter Stephen Young has created a highly powerful multi-reveal effect which slowly builds to the revelation of an unspoken word. Best of all everything is clean and may be examined by your spectators.

Stephen also details a devastating way to use these cards to create your own psychological forces. This allows you to reveal thoughts and ideas that only exist within the minds of your spectators. As an additional bonus Stephen also includes some additional ideas for getting the most out of the original handling.