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Booking Blueprints - School Edition is a complete, step by step system to selling midweek PTA shows, from finding the schools information, through to first contact with them, suggested scripts, and emails, getting a meeting, and selling the show along with beautiful graphics that are all included with the package.

You also get the blueprint flow chart showing the exact process to follow for each school, and then post booking, before the show emails and contact with the PTAs and after the show ways to get testimonials, repeat bookings, which then gives you the relationship you need to sell educational shows.

You can’t help but make money, plus you get to hand out your publicity material to every student who attends the show - which will bring in a ton of private party enquiries.

2 years in the making, this package has everything you need, and you get all the future updates, digital files and support in a private Facebook group.



Booking Blueprints - School Edition

  • Part of the booking procedure is to setup a meeting with the PTA.  Gordon and Paul use a prediction teaser in a mailing.  This deck is used for the meeting.  If you can force a card you don't need it but this deck makes it easier.

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