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Now includes 3 sets of vinyl stickers so you can attach them to your business cards, credit cards or loyalty cards!


Cody has taken a great fooling magic trick and transformed it into a source of "motivated referrals" for you!

This fantastic routine leaves the spectator with your business card AND a REAL reason to hang on to it. They will not throw it away – it’s worth too much money to them!

It’s ideal for Wedding Fairs and is Cody’s favourite routine when working them. But he also gives you ideas to use it at any booking.

Gary James AMIMC – – said: “I have used Business Control at a few wedding shows already and getting great reactions and lots of leads/bookings. It has a great simple plot with a fast reset which makes it perfect for Wedding Fairs and trade shows.”


See it here


With the kind permission of Cody Fisher, I am pleased to release this as a package for the first time. Comes complete with a beautiful tan PU leather wallet with a laser engraved brass/gold coloured or stainless-steel money clip along with sample business cards and a link to a 16-minute instructional video.


Read a review here The Magic Cafe


Cody says “I think that this type of effect is great for real world working is something I never leave home without!!!”

Business Control by Cody Fisher

£25.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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