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You get the 4 coloured Wheelie Bins (Purple, Blue, Green and Yellow), a set of plastic number cards and the full routines for birthday parties and educational magic shows.


This is ideal for Zoom shows too!


You can see the video here 


Read the review on the Magic Cafe here


Using three children, they all get asked a question and when they get it right, (they are very easy!) they get to freely pick a number between 1 and 4. The number cards relate to the colour of the wheelie bin. They open the corresponding bin to find rubbish (what else!). The bin left for you contains rolls of money. The rubbish you remove from the bins gives you an ideal chance to talk about recycling and environmental issues - plastic etc. For birthday parties the three children each get a balloon (for you to make them a balloon animal) or a sweet – the remaining bin goes to the birthday child, who finds a magic trick or voucher for a free magic set inside. This is a variation of Fogel’s Four Colour Chance made child-friendly using cute props. ​ Points to note: The children really can choose any numbers they like You are always left with the winning bin Can be repeated with different outcome Winning and losing prizes are limited only by what will fit in the bins Comes complete with 4 beautiful brightly coloured wheelie bins (15cm tall) Set of 16 colour number cards especially printed on plastic so they will last for ages! 2 sets of questions – one for environmental shows and one for birthday parties.  Full routine


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