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Andi Gladwin - Vanishing Inc - said "Martin's forcing die are extremely well made and are the perfect prop for dozens of routines!"


Force a number without using loaded dice and different numbers showing on every throw!


Different colour combination and sizes now available.


There are so many great routines you can do with these – from children to adults.

Here's one: You give a spectator a dice to examine and throw several times to make sure it's not loaded. You can point out that the opposite sides always add up to seven if you wish too. Just make sure they are happy it's a normal dice – and it is – at this stage! Give them 6 numbered envelopes and get them to place your £20 in one of them – any one, they choose. You explain they will roll the dice and keep the numbered envelopes they choose at random. The last one is yours. You will always get your £20 back!


Please note these are NOT loaded! These are better than loaded dice as you will not get the same number every time you roll!


I might be better describing these as forcing a number by elimination. You have a dice with the force number missing so they can never roll that number! You have a different dice for each number. So after getting the spec to check the normal one - for flats, weights etc - you switch in the one you need. So 6 of them have a number missing and replaced with a duplicate of another.

Cleverly the duplicate number is on the opposite side to its double so when rolled no matter how it lands nothing suspicious can be seen! You get a set of 6 dice plus a normal matching one to switch in/out.


(The case on photos is only for info and not included! This hidden setup is when you want to give the spec the totally free choice of which envelope to put the £20 in. You would then take the appropriate die from the case. If you choose which one to put it in then you only need one dice available to switch in – the one with the missing number).


No routines supplied but many are possible.


Mark Daniel says "Martin Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the dice set. The size of them makes them perfect for kid's shows which is where my main usage will be. I've used these a few times since New Year and not one person has suspected anything. My first worry because of the size was how to index them in a way I can grab the necessary dice without any problems. So I used a small flightcase that I had anyway and as you can see in the photo it works great. The rest of the routine also fits in the case. Really pleased with the quality of workmanship on these. And the price was superb. Worth every penny and more!! Thanks again Mark" ​


This is a set of 7 beautiful forcing dice – the standard 16mm set or for the stage, cabaret or children's shows the much bigger 36mm. ​ Choose red with white spots, white with black spots or black with white spots.

Forcing Dice

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