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This is the ideal trick for Walkaround at Halloween!

They can be bought singly or in a box of 100 - ideal for giveaways or BOR sales after your magic show. Each paddle comes with an instruction sheet detailing the Paddle Move so children can easily learn the trick to amaze their friends and family.




Performer displays a paddle with three pumpkins (Jack-O-Lanterns) on both sides. He asks his spectator when they expect these and the obvious answer will be at Halloween time. With a magic flick the performer turns the pumpkins on one side to a Halloween picture with a witch flying on a broomstick on the moonlit night. The opposite side still shows three pumpkins. Another flick and these pumpkins also change to a Halloween picture which is now displayed on both sides of the paddle.

If you wish you may again transform one of the Halloween pictures to pumpkins and hand over the paddle for inspection.


Paddle is 12.5cm long.

Halloween Paddle (Single or bulk)

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