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NOTE - While each pot is different and unique they all give 4 pours. A few magicians have asked me why only 4. In reality it’s the second and third pours that get the biggest reaction, after those they get it…!

See what I mean by watching Paul Draper here.

Notice how Paul mentions 8 nights - suggesting he did 8 pours...Clever man!!

Being different sizes they will produce varying amounts of water - but never more than 4 pours. They all have initial pours of 120-160mls and second pours of 90-125mls, third of 50-90mls.


Each one is different and unique. ​


Paul Draper is a huge fan of my Lota Pot and has featured it in his shows for many years now.Recently he did an online show for some VIP’s one of which was David Copperfield. David was so impressed by Paul’s routine he went straight to my website and bought two of my Lota Pots for himself!


See Paul talking about it here (Paul got my location confused - in the video he says I'm in Yorkshire but that was where we last met!)

You can see Paul performing the routine in his Christmas, Chanukah, and Holiday Magic! On YouTube.

Cut straight to the routine here


For those not familiar with the Lota Pot here's the routine I've opened every Environmental Magic Show I've ever done .


They are all between 12cm and 14cm tall, glazed or natural finish.


The pots and jugs come with routines by Mary Tomich, Christian Chelman, Jim Sisti and Paul Alberstat.In Paul's routine the spectator holds the pot and feels it getting heavier as it fills!


“I just received this item today. I'm amazed at the quality. I would have waited twice as long for it and appreciate your quick responses for my concerns of it being lost. Pleasure doing business with you. I was planning on doing something for a group of Cherokee Indians that I met last year at the carnival. I showed them some tricks before their "storytelling session". They asked me if I could sit down with them in the middle of a circle and perform something for their storytelling. I was embarrassed to meet such high standards with my "tricks" so I reluctantly declined...but I would NOT give up. "Next year," I thought, "I'll be ready so this won't ever happen to me again." The hunt was on. What "trick" was I going to do? Whatever it was it couldn't look like a silly trick. It had to have meaning and convey a message of healing. It would have to meet the highest standards of storytelling of authenticity, sincerity, and morality. Enter "The Lota Bowl" from Martin Breese. Now I can sit down among the tribe and tell them a story with the confidence this high quality product brings for the next year's carnival. I can't wait! Thank you for helping me to be a better magician." Jeff King, Tennessee​


Martin Breese wrote..."This is an amazing little Ceramic Lota Pot made by hand by a potter. It is a little work of art and once filled it can pour the most amazing amount of water or fluid of your choice. I am constantly knocked back by the number of times that I can seemingly empty the vase by turning it upside down and then pouring out some water and then again and again and again. Martin Duffy has provided the instructions and it comes with two brilliant routines and the first is by the famous bizarre magician, Mary Tomich and the second is by Christian Chelman. They are both fantastic. When Martin Duffy had the pot ready he wrote to me and he said that he had used a pot like this that he got from Mary Tomich in the USA and he used it in every Environmental Magic show that he has done for the last 4 years. He also used the Lota Pot to open eleven school shows that he did in a week for South Tyneside International Week. I must point out that Martin Duffy obtained permission from Mary Tomich to actually have the pots made by a British potter and he has appointed me as the sole person to offer them for sale. He uses Mary Tomich's routine which is called the Shaman's Vision and he also uses the Christian Chelman routine which is really a fantastic bit of story telling about a pot and money that was kept in the pot and then suddenly water appears etc etc. This is really a wonderful prop and half a dozen magic friends who have seen the Lota Pot in action have been incredibly impressed. So there you have it. The pot is quite small as can be seen from the photograph and it will nestle very neatly in your outstretched palm. Best item I have stocked for a while."

Lota Pot

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