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An amazing magic trick where a Magic Fairy Ball reveals the location of a spectator's chosen card.


The magician shows 5 random playing cards, the cards are shuffled and held in a face-down fan. A spectator is asked to pick any one of these cards, and memorise it.

All the cards are then handed to the spectator and told to shuffle all the cards and then lay them spread out on the table, still face down so no one knows where any of the cards are.

The magician then shows a small embroidered box, inside there is a small brass ball on a string. The magician explains that the brass ball contains a Magic Fairy! The ball is shaken and the sound of a tinker-bell is heard. The magician holds the string so the ball hangs just above one of the playing cards.

Amazingly, the ball swings back and forth, which indicates that this is not the chosen card! The magician moves to the next card, when the ball moves in a circular motion, this indicates that this the chosen card.

Sure enough, when the spectator turns the card over, it is revealed to be his chosen card! Everything can be handed out for examination.

Playing cards not included - Use any cards.




Comes in choice of 4 beautiful silk embroidered boxes - Black, Blue, Red or Green

Magic Fairy Pendulum

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