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Problema Dice

This is available in very limited numbers




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Magician shows a beautiful hand-crafted wooden box containing six dice numbered from 1 to 6.  The lid is replaced and the box is put to one side.  The spectator is given a die and told he can have three rolls of the die to get the highest possible score.  A 6 is inevitably rolled and when the lid is removed all the dice in the box now show a 6. 

The dice can now be removed by the spectator if desired as they are normal dice which can now be used for any other trick. 

The box and lid can be examined too.



I have taken an inexpensive toy version of this trick and added features which improve it.

Firstly the 'forcing' die was poorly made so I had a better version made - this can be used separately with the supplied magnet for many other effects - see video here.  This is supplied as a free upgrade with any of the box versions and can also be ordered on its own.

However the cheaper version of the dice did have its advantages (it was weighted and so often would roll a 6 without any external magnet needed) so I will include that with any order.

The second improvement are the beautiful wooden boxes made by a wood craftsman - in Pine with Maple top or American Black Walnut.  These add a touch of class to this amazing effect.


Available in 3 versions

Plastic (£17)

Pine with Maple top (£34)

American Black Walnut (£40).

The 3 versions include the new improved die with magnet - which is available on its own for only £7.


Plastic box is 6cm x 4cm x 1.7cm.

Wooden boxes are  8cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm.


Problema Dice

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