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My first lecture was for 240 delegates at the UK's biggest Children's Entertainers convention - Trix in the Stix. 
It was called Magic in Schools and was on the topic of opening up performing opportunities by adding educational themes to your magic shows. 


Since then I went on to lecture at the worlds biggest Magic Convention in Blackpool.

These lecture notes are 48 pages and go into far more detail than I could at any lecture.

There's full routines and patter for a Anti-Bullying (or Self-Esteem) routine, my Environmental show opener, an Environmental show routine, Maths Show opener for Foundation Stage, Maths Show opener for Key Stage 2, Maths Show ideas for Key Stage 2

One trick that will fit all 9 Educational Show topics that you probably already have in your magic cupboard and if you don't can make for pennies.

As well as Key Stage explanation, The Opportunity, Why Educational Magic Shows are so popular, Why schools would pay, Choosing a topic, 9 evergreen topics, Creating new tricks, What I like to include in a successful Educational Magic Show, Awareness Events, Non-educational events, Extra Points and Notes.

In addition there's a link to download for free the video of the full one hour lecture I did at the Northern Magic Summit in April 2017 (See reviews below) and also the PDF of the 9 evergreen educational magic show topics with a sample trick for each one too.


Donald Bevan – Former editor of Abracadabra magazine said:

Another break, before a feature lecture by Martin Duffy, well known to many magicians and one of the busiest performers in the North-east. The lecture was special on two counts: one it was Martin’s first on the subject, two it was aimed at children’s performers. Not however the ‘party magician’ but educational magic for schools, Martin’s specialist forté. He explained how he divides his work into age groups, effects used covering maths, environmental issues and other subjects all wrapped up in one package – fun! His workbox or trunk has a combination lock which the children solve, his sponge ball routine is fun (counting), and numbers on a silk scarf magically jumped around. There was sound advice on how to approach schools, suggested fees and effects. Excellent.


Alan J Clarke – International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring Chaplain said:

At Northern Magic Summit – Saturday 22nd April 2017

Martin Duffy has a vast store of experience entertaining in schools throughout the UK and he gave a most informative and stimulating lecture to make us aware of the opportunities that exist in linking educational content to the medium of magical presentation. Martin gave examples from a mathematics show in which probability can be demonstrated using an Invisible Deck (a 1 in 52 chance). He illustrated his environmental show with a message urging water conservation and an engaging story employing a Lota Pot. Martin gave ideas for standard props his patter story "All Bullies Cry" using the ABC blocks particularly caught my interest. Martin had several ideas using a prop every magician would have or could easily make up. Another excellent routine involved a Spelling Bee prop and at the end each letter formed a mnemonic hook to reinforce the message taught. Martin was clearly speaking with enthusiasm and from decades of knowledge. His lecture sped by all too quickly, he clearly had other ground to cover. This was a lecture that would be enjoyed by and beneficial to lots of societies and richly deserves a longer time allocation.

This was an excellent lecture in an outstanding convention line-up.

Alan J Clarke 

School Show Lecture Notes

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