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We have taken the traditional Multiplying Bottles prop and added custom printed vinyl labels to create a spooky look which gives you such potential to add your own story.The bottles are made from aluminium and therefore very light - each tube is only 622 grams fully loaded.

Each set incorporates 2 tubes with 4 nesting bottles in each. Also included are 2 glass 'potion' bottles. 



Two tubes are shown to contain a large bottle under one and a smaller 'potion' bottle under the other. A magic spell is cast and the two bottles change places. And then back again. As you attempt to repeat the effect another large bottle appears so this is removed and you start again. The tubes are lifted to display the large bottle under one and the smaller one under the other. They change places again but when they are supposed to change back another large bottle appears. This goes on until the table is covered with 8 bottles.

Both of the smallest nesting bottles have a compartment to hold liquid so you can pour a drink out.


PLEASE NOTE -  There are no instructions included with this set.  It is assumed you know how to use it.


The bottles are available with different labels

Set 1 - Gargoyle Drool, Snake Oil, Graveyard Dust and Blood of the Royal Monkeys

Set 2 - Bat Wing Tonic Elixir, Cobweb Stew, Arsenic and Witches Brew

Set 3 - Crushed Dragon Horn, Essence of Belladonna, Extract of Zombie and Poison Ivy


The tubes are 28cm tall

Spooky Multiplying Bottles

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