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Actually updating this on my way to the Blackpool Magic Convention!

I only picked them up 2 days ago so there’s only a very rushed demo and I only have 10 for Blackpool with 2 on pre-order leaving 8 to sell there.

If you order from this page you will be placed on a pre-order list for delivery late February.


They are not 3D printed or injection moulded - they are CNC routed, laser etched and profiled. Proper chunky quality items! Slightly bigger than A4.


Come along to my Magical Puppets stand in the Horseshoe and feel the quality!

When they are all sexily boxed and launched officially they will be £180-£195.


At Blackpool I am doing a pre-release price of only £150 which I am offering here too



The DADDY of all the geometric puzzles!

There are a few different versions out there but take a look at the video below to see why this is the best


See Jason England’s great presentation here


See my friend Alain Nu with his Puzzle of Life presentation here

AbraCadabury - The Chocolate Winston Freer Tile Puzzle

£195.00 Regular Price
£150.00Sale Price
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