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This is a beautiful wooden version of the cheap plastic trick you may have seen.

Totally baffling!

Gorgeous wooden props.

Three different coloured mummies are handed to your spectator along with a wooden sarcophagus. All can be examined as they are all totally innocent.

You turn your back or even walk out of the room as the spectator places one of the mummies in the sarcophagus and hides the other two.

When you turn around you can immediately name the colour mummy they chose!

You cannot see inside the sarcophagus once the lid is on - it’s totally opaque.

You never ask any questions.

You never touch the sarcophagus.

You never touch the mummies.

You can repeat this - you’re always correct!

No electronics!

The mummies are felt backed.

This is an amazing effect using gorgeous wooden props.

You don’t need to touch the mummies.

Wooden Mummy Mystery

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